Since time immemorial a woman is looked down upon as an unconfident, insecure and diffident being unable and unfit to take her own decisions. And when it comes to traveling alone? All hell might break loose upon her and others too!

Traveling alone for most of the womenfolk, even now, is but a far dream. Since last two years, things have been such that I am mostly traveling on my own and I can see more eyeballs around me wondering in amazement “you are traveling alone?” And my apparent answer “yes” would be scuffled with little pride and more than it, little resentment on the thought of woman limiting their own lives.

But recently Solo Travel by woman has become a rage which has gone miles further in enhancing and encouraging fellow women folk in undertaking independent trips. There are pros and cons of course just like in any other business.

Here is why I have tried to compile a few important notes on why you must take up solo trips and how to face the unexpected challenges while on such trips. You never know, one such trip might be the turning point that you have been looking for years!

Woman Solo travel
Woman Solo travel

Listen to your heart:

Well, this might sound little absurd, but yes, you must first listen to what your heart says. If it says this is the time for you to explore, then do not give a second thought. Just jump on your dream to see the world all alone. I know that it is easy to say but difficult to accomplish and as a part of the Indian upbringing scene, it is further challenging for any girl/woman to set her mind for solo travel. But, there are times when we feel to be one with ourselves and want to be alone with nature, then there is nothing best other than undertaking a solo trip. Once decided, be assured that the rest things will fall into places.

Become a decision maker:

As you take up your trip, you would be the one and only one to take any important decisions on your journey. Do not sign in for any planned trip packages. I would suggest you to make your own itinerary that would be in accord with your pace and time. Google the hotels, read the reviews, check the room gallery, price and go ahead with your booking as per your budget. Taking such decisions during the planning period of your trip alone would boost your confidence and self-assurance. So become your own master and confidently go ahead with your judgments.

Learn while you travel:

As we all know, learning is a life-long process. And travel will surely make you a better learner. You learn from the varied experiences that you will collect across while touring. As you travel alone, this would seem to be a completely different journey of your life altogether. Unlike rest of your travel trips which were taken with your friends or loved ones before, solo trips may not give you all the comfort and luxuries. But, be assured this is going to be the best ever experience of your total travel diary. You learn by observing people, their culture, nature and different ways of life. It will broaden your mind for sure and believe me this is just the beginning.

Respecting community life:

When you are traveling to some other country or region, you are bound to meet different people and communities whose culture, language, tradition are different from that of yours. The more we meet and communicate, the more we learn. This strengthens the bond and harmony between people and nations in the long run.  If you want to know the local life more closely, you may also choose to stay with them in homestays. This would make you understand better about their ways of life and when we are closely attached with something, we start respecting and valuing other’s life and culture. This would make us a better and responsible traveler in the future. This is how we too grow as a traveler.

Rediscover yourself:

Solo travel will give you the opportunity to rediscover yourself all over again. You will be surprised at your own hidden potential and impending creativity and your ability to tackle situations. Maybe your discoveries would not be a big deal to someone else but in your innermost life, you will realize its prominence. It will open up new avenues in your life and believe me you will be so proud of yourself at the end of the trip. Meeting and communication with fellow travelers will open up your thinking and will compel you to see life from a completely different perspective.

Woman Solo Travel
Woman Solo Travel

There are of course some challenges pertaining to solo travel but you may always tackle them with right aptitude.

  1. Plan your trip in advance so as to avoid any kind of hassles.
  2. Book your tickets well ahead.
  3. Plan the itinerary and book your hotels/homestays accordingly.
  4. Do good research on the internet regarding the place you are traveling.
  5. For safety, you may carry a pepper spray in your vanity.
  6. Avoid moving alone to unknown places late evening.
  7. After the day’s activity, retire to your room in the evening.
  8. While on taxis, you may track the GPS.
  9. Keep the local police emergency numbers.
  10. Do not open up about your details to strangers.
  11. Never give your account details and password details to anyone.
  12. Do not share your phone numbers to strangers.
  13. Pack little belongings so that it does not restrict you to move around.


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  1. By: Emma Shaw Posted: May 8, 2018

    Thank you so much for sharing this post. I’m on my way to my first ever solo travel and I can really use your tips and advice.

    • By: lopamudra Posted: May 28, 2018

      MUCH LOVE,

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      Dear David,
      Many thanks for writing to me. I am glad that you found it useful. Hope to share more interesting posts with you.Thanks once again.

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