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Lopamudra Gogoi
Lopamudra Gogoi

“Never go on trips with anyone you do not love.” – Ernest Hemingway.

Love originates in the most precious corner and that is the heart. Where the heart is, there lay our happiness. And my sojourn with travel began as a student of Travel Management and since then there is no looking back. My heart took me to this field without much knowledge of it and most importantly at a time when opting to study in travel trade was fairly looked down as an unconventional yet uncertain career.

Holding the postgraduate degree in Travel Management was further adorned by the prestigious National Award that was offered to me by the president of India for being the Best Student of Travel Management. That was a great boost to my uncertain career ahead.

My journey began by working as a tour executive in a small travel company in Delhi.

With almost 12 years of experience, I felt my entrepreneurial ability needed an opportunity to flourish. So, I started my own travel company, named Quatermoon Travels and since then, there is no looking back.

Besides travelling, writing has been my biggest passion and I thought nothing can be better than starting my blog where I can work on both my passions together. Travel IN A BAG is about my travel stories and experiences which I would like to share with my readers and present before them the same world in a new avatar.

Apart from my stories, my blog would also serve the purpose of arranging tours for those who wish to take up any holidays. You may forward us your query at

I must thank Biswajeet Bora (my better half) for bearing with me throughout. Without his support, this wouldn’t have been really possible.

I would also like to thank each and every one who has been an integral part of this beautiful journey.

I promise my readers that I shall come up with exciting and fresh tales and offer you a new world of travel to explore.