Discovering or traveling to a new destination is always soothing and priceless. However, we all are not born smart travelers We make mistakes initially and mess up things like having an unplanned tour, incurring heavy travel cost, being robbed, carelessness and many more other small errors. But I believe those experiences are important lessons that make us better travelers for our future travel endeavors.

I am Penning down here some of the most important travel tips that will surely make you a happy traveler.




Plan Your Trip Well In Advance
This will not only help you cut your travel cost but free you of the last minute hassles too.

List out The Important Things
Just days prior to your trip, make a list of the things you must carry as small as a torch which is an important travel asset for an avid adventure lover.

Pack little
Always carry your luggage light. Believe me half of the things we carry come back unused. So, be very strict while packing those little dresses.

Thorough study of the place you intend to visit
This is again a very important aspect of your travel plan. Please study properly about the places you are visiting. This will help you to save your time and money.

Comfortable Shoes
Travelling demands comfort rather than style. Always pack a comfortable pair of shoes. You never know when and under what situation you might have to walk those extra miles.

Extra battery backup for your gadgets
Always remember to carry extra battery backup for your cameras and mobiles. Travelling to a new place demands pictures to be clicked. So make sure you do not miss out to click your favorite spots.

Carry an extra Sun Screen Lotion
Sun tanning is a normal outcome of any kind of travel. Make sure you save your skin from the sun by hiding it under sunscreen lotion.

Carry scarves
Pack two extra scarves as they are a must while you are out touring on a broad day out or to cover your hair and face from extra heat and dust.

A good pair of Shade
Shades are a good way to flaunt your style statement but they are also equally important to protect your delicate eyes from the sun or dust. While traveling, shades are a must.

Carry a Torch
Carrying a small torch is always very helpful. You never know when your mobile battery might be out. So do not depend on your mobile torch solely.

Carry comfortable clothing
Make sure your outfits and breezy and comfortable. Cotton is mostly a preferred cloth material while touring. Of course , if you are travelling to colder places then woollens, nylons and synthetic materials are preferred.

Keep yourself dry with an umbrella
It is always good to carry an umbrella as in many places you may be welcomed by an unexpected shower or snowfall.

Carry a towel
It is always a good idea to carry a towel. It is a very useful travel asset.

Carry extra copies of your travel documents
Do not forget to make a photocopy of your original travel documents and keep it safe in your luggage. In case you lose your original documents, you still have a way to get out.

Carry a lock
Try to carry a small but strong lock. Especially during train journeys, you may require it. Also, those who stay in dormitories would need it for sure.

Keep snapshots of your tickets, car numbers, hotel address etc.
You would not want to miss the address of your hotel while touring in some foreign
country. So keeping a handy record of the above would give you a safe feel.

Carry a travel first aid kit
Keep a first aid kit that may include basic medical aid such as a balm, aspirin, bandages,
cotton, burn ointment, antiseptics, anti-acid, mosquito repellants etc.

Mosquito Nets
If you are out for camping in jungles, then you must carry mosquito net with you. This will not only give you sound sleep but a probable outbreak of mosquito born diseases.

Take Ticket prints
Well, these we are so much used to E-tickets that we do not bother to carry print tickets. However, you never know when you might not be able to charge your phone. So to be safe please take ticket printouts beforehand.

Carry a map
Carrying a map of the place you are visiting is always a good idea as this would ensure you would not get lost in case your GPS is not in active mode.

Book your tickets 2/3 months ahead
This will surely save you a good amount of money. Last minute bookings are always costly and we end up spending more money.

Preferably go for MAP meal plan
MAP plan is those meal plans that are offered by the hotels beside CP plan (continental plan) and AP plan (American Plan). MAP is breakfast and dinner inclusive. While CP is only breakfast, AP is breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Many opt for CP plan as they think in this way they will save good but MAP plans are much more cost effective and since they are mostly buffet, so you have a varied option.

Book monument entry tickets at the spot
Many travel agents charge extra for booking the entry fees to different locations and
monument sites. However, I would suggest you to book your own tickets at the site as this will give you the correct information about the charges and allso that next time you would have to depend on others.


Be careful with your laundry
During my last hotel stay, I had given few clothes for laundry but one dress never came back. So recheck and count properly before the laundry guy.

Try local dishes
I have seen many stubborn travelers when it comes to food. They do not want to taste the local food as they think it might upset their stomach or they are afraid of the fact that they might not find it pleasant. But I would suggest you to find out at least one restaurant that offers good local cuisines. Believe me, it is a great way to know other’s culture.

Meet the local people
Exchanging words and sharing with the locals and the residents of the places that you are traveling promote cross-cultural tourism which is a great enhancement for the local people who are mostly dependent on tourism for their daily bread. It is also a great way for you to know different cultures.

Carry some cash
Do not be completely dependent on credit/debit cards. No doubt they are safe but still it is advisable to keep little cash in an extra pocket so that you may take it out whenever the situation demands.

Do bargain Shopping
Tourists are always charged little higher by the local shops. But you can always bargain and land up with a good saving amount too.

Make a list of the places
Search the net and make a list of the places you want to visit in a destination. Plan as per the distances so that you save time and those extra costs.

Get travel insurance
This is one of the most important point to be noted. Many of us neglect to get travel
insurance but if something goes wrong, you wouldn’t want to be spending that extra money, right? So be smart while traveling.

Travel with a good Camera
Many of us these days do not prefer to carry a camera. However, handphone is good but when it comes to good photographs, it has to be a good camera. So invest in a good resolution camera and click as much as want.

Hope the above tips would be helpful for you when you next travel. Thank you very much for reading my tips. I shall keep adding more tips on it more. Till then you may read my other related article in the link.

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