Goa – An Enchantment

Goa is one destination that anybody on earth would love to visit over and over again. But have you ever wondered why despite having so many beach destinations in India, Goa always tops the list when it comes to being beside the sea? Well, Goa has many reasons for being the number one choice of many.

Ambiance Talks:

Goa is culturally so free minded that it has a natural ambiance of free-spirited souls. Anyone in Goa, cannot but help to adapt the free wandering lives. Freedom is what human desire and Goa gives you the correct amount of freedom to be free of any worries in the world. Even though you want to think of your qualms, I bet, your mind wouldn’t give it a chance. This is the best reason why I love to visit this dream destination over and over again.

Ambience speaks in Goa
Ambience speaks in Goa

When I am in Goa, I let my soul wander amidst those white beaches and in those offbeat streets where life seems like a free bird.  The bohemian etiquettes reverberate in every ounce of air and you can just let yourself drive with the flow and feel its eloquence. Goa, thus never ceases to entice me!

Beach Love:

The beaches of Goa are not just famous for its beauty but also for its cleanliness and friendliness. The soft white powdered sands of Goa make for the stunning locations and view of the beaches. Sun, sand, and sea is the famous tagline when it comes to describing Goa. A leisurely time on the beaches of Goa is just rejuvenation to the soul. Most of the travelers prefer to be on the beaches than to roam around in the city.

Beach Love
Beach Love

But lately, there has been news of spreading liter by the tourists on the beaches. In this regard what is most important here is the role of the tourists. It is vital that tourists behave with responsibility and with genuine concern. A tourist destination is an asset which should be taken care of one and all.

The beaches mostly loved and frequented by tourists are Baga and Calangute in North Goa, but besides Anjuna, Vagator, Dona Paula, Arambol, Colva, Palolem and Candolim beaches are the others that too offer a marvelous view of the sea. In fact, I would say that you be in any beach in Goa, you are bound to have a gala great time.

Luxury by the Sea:

If you are looking for leisurely luxury, Goa is the right destination for you. The word, “Luxury” has been intricately defined by those who have been able to carve out a niche in the luxury business here in Goa.

Goa is such a destination that offers ample scope for all types of tourists ranging from budget travelers to luxury travelers. The luxurious resorts of Goa have earned a good name in the world travel market for its esthetic luxury villas and resorts, world-class decks, five-star restaurants, A-class room facilities and unparalleled hospitality.

luxury by the sea
luxury by the sea

Some of resorts and hotels that have taken luxury to a different level are Taj Exotica, Alila Diwa Goa, Grand Hyatt Goa, Vivanta by Taj, Mariott Resorts and Spa, Cidade de Goa, Ramada Goa, Highland Heritage Goa etc. These resorts are designed with so much luxury that one will feel like a king once landed. The private beaches in most of these resorts are an added privilege. To be able to be here is an experience of a lifetime

Water sports:

The adventure lovers have a special reason for visiting Goa because it provides numerous water sports adventures such as parasailing, jet ski ride, kayaking, paddleboarding, surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, kitesurfing etc.People all around the world come here to get the opportunities of some of the most wonderful water sports experiences.

water sports activity in Goa
water sports activity in Goa

There are special adventure programmes run such as moonlight kayaking in Zuari river, backwater kayaking in sal backwaters or mangrove kayaking near Candolim.Beaches such as Calangute and Baga offer water sports in packages. No doubt these sports seem very luring but one must be careful while signing for it. It is advisable to go for these sports only under trained supervisors. People with heart ailments should not take these up as some of these sports involve a high-risk factor.

Spiritual Connect:

Goa is adorned by some beautiful Cathedrals and Churches which are just breathtaking. Besides the beaches and hip parties, Goa has a lineage and heritage that deserve a special mention.Churches in Goa are mainly designed with Portuguese architecture. It is also a reminder of the Portuguese ruling in Goa, while the rest of the country was being ruled by the British.

Cathedral of Goa
Cathedral of Goa

The Churches of Goa remind us of colonialism of the Portuguese rule. These architectural wonders display the enthusiasm of the Portuguese colony during its reign.Some of the most beautiful Churches are Bom Jesus Basilica (one of the oldest churches of Goa), Se Cathedral de Santa Catherina, Church of Saint Francis of Assisi, Church of our Lady of Miracles, Chapel of St. Catherine and many more.

The Party must go on:

Partying in Goa has been on the top list of many. Partying in Goa is not just about the party but is an experience altogether. Many travelers around come here with friends and family to have a gala time and celebrate with their loved ones. As I already mentioned, the ambiance of Goa is such that it holds you back and never let you go. Christmas and New year parties are the ones that one must experience once in a lifetime here.

Partying in Goa is an Experience
Partying in Goa is an Experience

Although the hip culture was famous in the 60’s and 70’s, it still has its feel here and I cannot help thinking about the famous Bollywood song “ Dum Baru dum…” when I in Goa. So if you haven’t experienced partying in Goa yet, it is time you pack your bags fast.

These are what I feel to be the most loved reasons why people choose to travel to Goa. But Goa is much more than just this. To be in  Goa is to be with nature in its purest form, to enjoy life unwary of any circumstances, it teaches us to be happy in our life.

I believe that one should be there without any regrets, where one’s soul connects and resonates.

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