Worried to travel alone with your kid? Read these Tips

Many times it happens that you take it as a threat when it comes to traveling alone with your kids. Because kids are just so unpredictable and they can turn the world upside down with their tantrums, demands, and irritabilities. And traveling alone with these “little devils” might be a distant wish that you could long for. But situations at times may compel us to do exactly what we dislike the most. Isn’t it?



Through this blog post, I want to be not just a comforter but would like to share some tips that will surely turn your most dreaded threat into most beautiful memory. Yes, you can travel with your kids and manage them all alone on that long journey and also enjoy your vacation at the same time. So, let’s check them out.

Utilize that vacation :

Make a pre-plan to visit a wonderful yet interesting destination and you may gift it to your kid as a surprise just before the vacation starts. By doing so you will already set her/his mind for something new as kids always look for interesting things in everyday life.


Engage them during the journey:

The terrifying thought for a parent is the journey time with their kid. So here we should understand how best we can keep them engaged. If your kid is little grown up, then you may carry comic books or any other books that interest them. Besides you can pack light games and puzzles to keep them occupied.

Turn yourself into a storyteller:

The regular train or car journeys might seem frustrating for kids. But you can turn their frustration into excitement by telling them some stories which you can compile from your past journeys or other events. Try to keep them occupied with your tales and this is how you too would strengthen that long pending bond.


Pack some exciting food:

As parents, it is natural to be concerned about the food your children eat. But at times it is great to be an exception and allow them to enjoy those wafers and chocolates. I am sure you too can allow yourself to freely indulge at times.

Be lenient:

Normally parents restrict their children from doing many things. They try to attach dos and don’ts with almost everything. Now it is time to restrict yourself and let your child fly. Vacations are the times when you can allow your child to get away from the daily mundane and lead a life of their choice. Of course, you must keep an eye on their activity and at the same time enjoy it at your best.


Bring out the child in you:

Kids love to be with kids. So bring out that kid in you that has been lying latent within you for so many years. Be your kid’s best friend by sharing secrets and opening up on the tougher issues. Enjoy what is there is to enjoy just like a child by forgetting the worries and qualms.

Be your child’s doctor:

You as a parent is the best doctor that your child can have. With toddlers, it is difficult to travel mainly to the colder regions. Be prepared with the necessary precautions be it medications or other required measures that need to be taken pertaining to climate or weather change effects.


Be the best time manager:

With kids and especially with toddlers, it is very difficult to manage time in outer locations. But be alert and pro-active so that time does not slip away from your hand. Take charge and manage time be it transportation timings or other related activities.

Do not underestimate your child’s identity proof:

Many a time we tend not to pay heed in carrying the identity proof documents of our kids. It is advisable always to carry the school identity card or a photocopy of the birth certificate of your child. However, for international travels, you need not worry as passport will server most of the purpose.


Keep your alert meter on the check:

As we are in vacationing mood, we might loosen up on few things. But It is always advisable to be alert mainly during those long train or flight journeys. Be careful not only with luggage but also with your kids. Do not take any chance that might keep you in regret for rest of your life.  Be watchful, attentive and vigilant throughout your journey.

Let your kid take the lead:

Allow your child, to lead and take charge of the situations. Make them feel independent and that they too can take decisions. It will give them a feeling of “yes I too can do it”.


Discover the explorer in your kid:

As a parent, we tend to become protective of our kid, but it is time to allow your kid to explore on their own terms. Try to listen to their part of the story and this is how they will get a chance to bring out the creative side too.

So are you ready now to travel confidently with your kid alone? You should be. Right?

I believe these simple tips would really go a long way in helping you in planning your next travel with your child.

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