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Northeast India is as diverse as the rest of the country. For those backpackers who are traveling to this region for the first time, might find it little difficult in terms of terrain, language, food, climate etc. So, here is a short and precise guide for them for a smooth trip to this wonderful part of our country. Below is the list.

Travel Tips for Northeast India
Travel Tips for Northeast India
  1. A STRONG BACKPACK that can hold enough of your belongings which you will be carrying throughout your journey.


  1. A SOLID PAIR OF TREKKING SHOES that will be an essential part of your trip for the rough terrain of the region.


  1. A PAIR OF TREK PANTS that is going to be needed as you travel further east.


  1. A STRONG UMBRELLA to keep you safe during those unexpected showers.


  1. LIGHT WOOLENS DURING SUMMER and HEAVY DURING WINTER is a must to wave off that unexpected chill.


  1. A GOOD RESOLUTION CAMERA is important to capture its beauty or else you will miss on that picturesque nature’s bounty.


  1. FIRST AID KIT is a necessity when you are trekking through the rough roads.


  1. A DETAILED ROUTE MAP is of utmost importance as you travel through that unknown terrain.


  1. MOBILE CHARGER BACK-UP would be needed as most of the region’s countryside have a poor electricity supply.


  1. A TORCH, A MOSQUITO NET/ REPLIENT, FOLDING TENT, WATER STORAGE FLASKS are few of the things you would not regret carrying into the hills.


11. TRY AND ADAPT THE FOOD CULTURE, as in some regions the food might be completely different from that of what you are used to. So prepare your minds beforehand.


12. INNER LINE PERMITS FOR INDIANS AND PROTECTED AREA PERMIT FOR FOREIGNERS are required to enter some of the Northeastern states. So get the information before you travel.


13. HAVE A THOROUGH STUDY OF THE CULTURES OF THE REGION so that you are well informed about the place/state you are traveling to.


Hope the above information would be helpful for you to backpack your next travel plan to this unexplored region. HAPPY TRAVELLING.






  1. By: Harsh Singh Posted: December 19, 2017

    Hi Lopa,

    Nice tips shared. Mosquito nets and mobile charger backup are a must mention. Also for Northeast travel guide, you can refer to the book “Best Escapes East and North East India”.


    • By: lopamudra Posted: December 20, 2017

      Hello Harsh,

      Thank you very much for visiting and reading my blog. That’s a great suggestion. I shall surely add to my article about the book. Do keep interacting and your feedback would be appreciated for other articles too.
      Thank you once again.
      Best Regards,

  2. By: ritz gandolf Posted: December 21, 2017

    My mind wanders amidst those blue mountains… My body enthralls…. While walking through those narrow lanes in an icy Shillong winter. A peg of rum gets me going… Those memories still haunt me….. Alas… But is is keeping me alive… Great going… Let the fuel burn.

    • By: lopamudra Posted: December 22, 2017

      Thank you so much for writing to us. Its wonderful to connect…

  3. By: David from Travelodium Posted: December 28, 2017

    Hi, I’d agree with everything you said there. I would add though the time of year you go there can make a big difference to what you can do. I found that arriving in early April the weather was still great to go and see things while not hot enough for swimming. If you arrive in the Greek Islands in july everywhere you go will be packed and Santorini will be a nightmare.

    • By: lopamudra Posted: December 28, 2017

      Hello David,

      Thanks much for writing to us. Yes, the time of travel makes a lot of difference. Winters are difficult in some parts like Tawang as the roads would be covered with snow that makes road travel difficult. However, October to April would be the best time to travel to North East India.
      Thank you once again. Please do read my other posts and would love to get your feedback.

      Much Love,
      Travel IN A BAG

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